The Public Speaking programme trains children and teens the art of effective oral communication with an audience. It encompasses projects which allow the students to speak with the aim to inform, persuade, entertain, inspire and more. Apart from that, students will also learn to speak extemporaneously through hands-on activities like impromptu speech sessions, Q&A and debates.

The classes will be conducted solely in English. 


Kids Speak Everyday English intends to help children develop interest in the target language and improve proficiency in terms of vocabulary, structure and grammatical items.  The programme consists of interactive and engaging activities to maximise real time language practise with authentic audience.  The programme also includes field trip, summative assessment and simulations.

The classes will be conducted solely in English. 


In this programme, the children will read a handpicked book of the month, learn new words and phrases, do arts and crafts projects that will help them remember the themes in the book, participate in speech and dramatic activities, and also learn how to write their own little speeches. At the end of every month, the children will have the opportunity to deliver their own speeches in front of an audience of up to 30 people.

The classes will be conducted solely in English.


Andrew is very shy and refuses to speak English at home. I think with KSEE, he is able to practise his English through talking with friends and teacher in the class.  Andrew is very happy with his class.

Ysanne has shown some improvement in her English speaking skills.  Ysanne reported that the class is very good. She said for example, when she speaks broken English, teacher will correct her and tell her how to speak English in proper way.

Catherine Bong

Kid:  Andrew & Ysanne Koung

Javier loves the online course a lot, he loves the game session with his friends. He said this is his favourite online courses so far. 😊

Lim Poh Joo

Kid:  Javier Chong Jia Chern

I’ve been a part of this foundation ever since I was 10 which makes this my 4th year. I have to say, Kids Speak has made me come a long way from where I initially started off. My old days of being a shy introvert will see a new future along with a new me. Kids Speak offers the teaching of many important life skills such as oral presentation skills. I have to say Kids Speak teaches in an engaging way in the sense that they don’t force you to learn but they patiently wait for you to fully understand the technique. 

One important advice, newcomers, don’t quit just because you don’t see any improvements immediately, these sessions take time for you to fully mature and spread your wings. When I first started I didn’t see many improvements and honestly I was about to quit. But, I gave it time and true enough the benefits are rapidly taking place. As proof, after waiting for 3 years, I became an emcee for a massive event such as “Say YES!” which advocated for 4 NGOs and raised thousands for each NGO. 

So as it is now, Kids Speak has really changed my life. Remember this isn’t and will never be an ordinary tuition.This is a class for oneself to truly improve with guidance. But ultimately, the most important thing for you to keep in mind is your passion for this. If you have the patience and passion, you will achieve your goals!

Alden Ong (14)

Lodge International School

I was reading The Borneo Post one Sunday morning about three years ago when I saw this article on this program - Kids Speak. I said, ‘Wow!!! We have this in Kuching?? Usually, this is only available in big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or New York.’ Found them after a few weeks and I enrolled Abby immediately. She was shy and had no confidence as there were people she was unfamiliar with. Right immediately after her first showcase I told her facilitator, Rebecca Chieng, ‘This is great. We are teaching and giving them the tools for their future which no one can take away from them.’

Today, it’s been almost 3 years since she started Kids Speak. She has found a new sanctuary besides home. She’s confident in carrying herself respectfully and elegantly. I always said, if I ever need to cut out any of her after school activities, Kids Speak will be the last.

My son, Isacc joined earlier this year. He has learnt to listen, respect others and his self-confidence rocketed. Isacc recently won a consolation prize in his school’s English Story telling competition… all on his own effort!

After their recent Showcase, I realized Kids Speak is not only a great program that has been helping Abby and Isacc in learning and improving; but it is a great program that is facilitated by someone who genuinely loves what she’s doing and is doing it with love and care.

Thank you very much Rebecca for making the difference in Abby and Isaccs’ life. Kids Speak rocks!!!

Andy Kiim

Kids:  Abigail & Isaac

It all started when I first walked into class in 2017, thinking that I’m going for a new tuition class. Who would have thought that Teacher Rebecca wanted us to introduce ourselves. That caught me by surprise because I’ve never introduced myself in a tuition class before. Soon enough, I found out that my parents signed me up for a public speaking class since I was a kid with stage fright. At that time, I thought class would be boring and well, it wouldn’t be a class that I would enjoy. However, Teacher Rebecca’s class has always been fun and entertaining. After being in Kids Speak for 3 years, I got used to speaking to a crowd. In fact, I was selected to be an emcee for Kids Speak’s advocacy event,’Say Yes!’. It made me realise how far I’ve come and how much I’ve achieved through Kids Speak. In conclusion, being in Kids Speak made me overcome stage fright and till this day, I’m very proud of everything that I’ve achieved through Kids Speak.

Douglas Chung (14)

St. Joseph’s Private School

When Joel was in Primary Four, he volunteered to represent his class in an English Story Telling competition.  I was surprised yet pleased at the same time. Watching him, I held my breath for him since he was anxious speaking in front of a crowd of teachers and schoolmates. Although he didn’t shine in his first appearance, eventually it led to the making of a Kids Speaker. It is a blessing that Teacher Eileen of Eco Lodge Care Centre, had a vision of enhancing her Eco kids’ innate capability. That fateful incident inspired Teacher Rebecca to start the Kids Speak classes.

Since then, Joel has grown and surely gained from the learning – not only in public speaking, but also in his competence towards composing, communicating ideas, and writing skills (which kids are lacking due to the current education system in the land we are living now).  

Besides that, he has developed the power of persuasion which he has learnt through attending Kids Speak classes. It would be even more “awesome” when he eventually cultivates etiquette and empathy. Naturally, I’m very pleased that Joel has overcome the fear factor in public speaking.  He is now learning to develop his leadership skills through hosting some Kids Speak orientation classes via the emcee role. I do believe each individual is special in his/her own way. And given the right path and ‘nutrients’, surely it will serve them well in their future years.  Keep up the good work Teacher Rebecca and thank you always for being innovative in your suggestions, guidance and patience with the kids.

Moi Ling

Kid:  Joel

My kid becomes brave now.  Previously, she was shy to speak in English and she is getting better now.

Maggie Toh

Kid:  Khiew Xiao Han

Javier can speak better English now, sometimes in full sentences with correct grammar and vocab . Every Sunday, he will get himself ready an hour before the class starts. I'm glad you've created this course !

Angela Koh

Kid:  Javier Liew

Hello everyone! I started Kids Speak in the year 2016. These four years weren’t like any other. They were a process of learning to project my thoughts into coherent sentences fluently. Learning public speaking has also helped me in terms of clear communication with others, and gaining the confidence to be more sociable. With the techniques taught by Teacher Rebecca, my essay, speech structure and vocabulary have improved tremendously. It’s never too late nor too early for your kids to learn to speak up!

Esther Shim (16)

SMK Batu Lintang

I started Kids Speak in 2017. I thought that Kids Speak was some boring, old tuition class. I was wrong, because ever since I joined Kids Speak, I learned and mastered public speaking. I used to be very scared of talking in public, even before a small group of people. Now, I am confident in public speaking as I learned many different techniques. I have also made new friends and discovered new games to play. All of this was possible with the help of teacher Rebecca.  I recommend you to enrol now.

Nur Yasmin (14)

SMB St Theresa

Aaron was enrolled in Kids Speak about 3 years ago primarily due to his lack in social skills. I believe it would be beneficial for him considering his inquisitive and outspoken nature.  

Since then, I have seen him grown so much, particularly in his self-confidence and socializing skills.  He is also confident enough to go up on stage to do public speaking and even being an emcee for the junior classes.

Self-confidence, I believe is crucial for a person to assume a leadership role.  He became more organized and responsible in tasks given, which undeniably, helped him achieve better grades in school.  Another booster is Teacher Rebecca's comment during his first year there: "When you want to do something, DO IT WELL." Ever since then, he is more committed in all his assignments.  On top of that, he makes new friends at Kids Speak which helps in his social communication skills.  Apart from that, regular research on his own in showcase topics does improve his general knowledge

Jacqueline Tan

Kid:  Aaron

My son has been attending Kids Speak since it started 2 years ago. When Rebecca told me she will be conducting a class on public speaking for kids I immediately knew that I wanted to enroll my son. Why? Our current education system does not facilitate the acquisition of public speaking skills. In a normal classroom setting, students are normally not given the chance to voice out. This creates students who lack self confidence and are so tongue tied when asked to speak up.

My son is a bright student who speaks fluent English but as soon as he is asked to stand in front of the class or go onto the stage to speak, he would clam up or mumble something unintelligible. He would sway from side to side from nervousness and his face would be the photo that is shown under the word, 'fear', if dictionaries had photos in them.

It took some coaxing but he reluctantly agreed to attend the class. Since he started, I have seen many improvements. He has a more confident demeanor on stage. Gone are the mumblings and unrecognizable sounds. Instead, I see a boy who is capable of communicating his ideas and knowledge to the audience. Communication as we all know is key in everyday life. A person can be most brilliant but without the art of communication, no one will ever know that. Kids Speak provides exactly that: skills, techniques and tools to help our kids communicate without fear but with clarity and confidence.

Rebecca is skillful at imparting her knowledge to her students. I feel fortunate to have an educator who shows unwavering attention and dedication to those she teaches. I know my son is in good hands.

Muriel Lim

Kid:  Nathan

Andrea joined Kids Speak in 2015 when she was 9. To our surprise, she enjoyed the class. She would take the initiative to do research through google and gather the information for her presentations.  Besides that, she can memorize well using the mind map.  She had gone through at least 4 showcases and we can see her improve. She even took part in the school concert this year and was able to perform well.  She also participated in the story telling competition and won 1st place.  Through these opportunities and achievements within a short period of time, she has turned into a more confident person.  It is quite certain that without going to Kids Speak, we will not be able to discover her hidden talent.  Thanks to Kid Speak!

Alison Chong

Kid:  Andrea


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