I, as a teacher, just want to take this opportunity to thank another dedicated teacher.

My daughter, Zimoh only started to speak as she was about to be 5 years old. She was once suspected of displaying certain autistic spectrums. As much as she loved participating in her pre-school annual concert each year, Zimoh would end up being crippled by performance anxiety. For two consecutive two years, she jittered and became paralyzed on the stage. Those moments were rather dispiriting on a little child.

When Zimoh was first sent to Kids Speak, I didn’t know what exactly to anticipate. She again froze before a crowd during her first showcase in 2014. Yet the blazing difference was that Zimoh recovered and composed herself pleasantly on stage. She did it slowly but surely, at a comfortable pace which brought her to the end of her speech.

Since then, she has moved on and flourished as a quirky speaker who downright enjoys the public speaking experience. She won a school story telling competition, spoke at a fund raising charity event and performed as a stand-up comedian in the school annual concert.

The ignition of Zimoh’s interest in public speaking is due to a passionate teacher who is willing to go the extra mile. As quoted, “Mommy, I love Kids Speak.” There is nothing more a mother can add to this. Thank you, Rebecca!

Eileen Chua

Kid:  Zimoh

According to both my kids, the most important thing they've gained is ‘building up their courage & confidence to speak up on stage in front of a crowd...’

Any parent or adult who've experienced doing presentations or seminars will surely agree how nerve-wracking it can be!

Another important advantage they've gained from Kids Speak is learning to transform ideas into words & be articulate in getting their message across to the audience at such a young age.

My Ryan was slow in learning to speak as a baby & a young child; often struggling to string together a proper comprehensible sentence. He has since improved by leaps & bounds, and I've no doubt Kids Speak has contributed to this.

In my opinion, Kids Speak will help prepare our kids to stand out from the crowd, in whatever they may choose to do in the future!

Johnson Yap

Kid:  Ryan & Kellie

My girl has been with Kids Speak since it started in year 2014.  In these few years, I've seen tremendous transformation in her.  In Kids Speak, she learns to speak confidently and courageously on stage. Even the tone of her voice sounds impressive.  She never gets bored as she says teacher will have a lot of fun activities waiting every week. Her class is conducted in a small group. Therefore, it is a very conducive environment where every child is given enough time and attention.  

Every quarter, parents get to enjoy the Kids Speakers’ presentation and that's amazing! That is when we can see their progress. I've just sent my boy this year and I already can see a difference in him.  I totally have no doubt that my children will be with Kids Speak for a very, very long time. Thank you Miss Rebecca, the founder of Kids Speak! Keep it up!

Jennifer Foo

Kids:  Abigail & Anselym

Jotham has always been a shy boy. Although highly vocal at home, he is slow to warm up to people outside the family and is often quiet in public. At age 4, he refused to go up on stage for his kindergarten year-end group performance and in the following 2 years, his reluctance & discomfort on stage was almost always palpable.

So it was a real pleasant surprise when Jotham told us that he would like to join Kids Speak - a public speaking class for kids aged 7-12, the year he turned 7. We were even more pleasantly surprised at Jotham’s first showcase 3 months later, when he boldly took to the stage & gave his introductory speech with much ease. I guess we have not looked back since.

What is heartening for us as parents to see is that Jotham really enjoys his classes and has formed a close bond with teacher Rebecca as well as his classmates at Kids Speak. In a loving, nurturing learning environment where one is encouraged to grow and discover one’s potential & find one’s own voice at one’s own pace, the sky is the limit!

Well done Kids Speak! Keep up the great work Rebecca & team!

Winnie Ling

Kid:  Jotham

Thanks to Kids Speak that during this lockdown period, my son could still learn through online classroom.

Angela Kiew Fui Foong

Kid: Jarvis Cheng Zen Hau

Michelle’s intonation has improved.  She sounds more confident in what she speaks. Thank you.

Dennis Wong Huar Hieng

Kid:  Michelle Victoria Wong Zi Rou

He has improved in his writing skill and surprisingly he learned to memorise his essay by writing it down in a piece of paper. Although it is still a long way for him to learn but I am happy to see the improvement. Aeries is not a talkative person and I really hope with more guessing games like just now can boost his interest to learn more and enjoy his learning with Kids Speak 🙂 Thank you..


Kid:  Aeries Jawie

Manner improvement (correction of the manner by teacher in the class) and exposure of social get together.

Ying Sing

Kid:  Ting Shang Qian

It’s been two years plus since Velda and Vale joined Kids Speak. Time flies! Both of them have improved tremendously, be it their vocal variety, facial expressions and the structure of their speeches. They know how to create their own drafts for speeches.

They are still able to surprise and amaze me each showcase. There is always some improvement and I saw the confidence in them when they were standing on stage. We felt so proud watching them and honored that we have made the right choice to send our two daughters to Kids Speak.

We truly thank God for Rebecca, who created this opportunity for children to be trained by herself personally.

Veen Hong

Kids:  Velda & Vale

I can’t say enough about how well the program is tailored to the needs of the children nowadays. Overall, my kids’ speaking abilities have improved dramatically since joining the program. Seeing them shine with self-confidence ultimately goes beyond my expectations. It is an impressive program by Rebecca who, with the right balance of professionalism and friendliness, has provided my kids with an edge in their lifelong education.

Matthew Wee

Kids:  Selena & Sean

She is doing great and becomes more confident in speaking English. She speaks English more frequently everyday as the teacher always reminds her to practice at home. Hope KS can continue to guide and encourage her.

Chen Siaw Ming

Kid:  Valerie Ting Yen En

My kids, Tania and Lloyd, were shy and jittery on stage. Their voices could hardly be heard when they spoke on stage. However, after two years of classes in Kids Speak, their confidence on stage is clearly evident. They now look forward to taking part in public speaking competitions in school.   In a recent competition, Lloyd admitted that he loved his time on stage when he received overwhelming applause from the crowd.   Tania has gone on to emceeing for showcases. 

Not only have my kids learned to speak confidently but they have also learned to think on their feet as a result of impromptu speeches. At such a young age, they have also learned to write the different types of speeches, a learning experience that is not commonly available in schools.

In short, my kids thoroughly enjoy Kids Speak. In Tania's words, ‘It's the highlight of my week.

Geraldine Goh

Kids:  Tania & Lloyd

From the first showcase to the latest one, I have witnessed Michael’s improvement in presenting his case on stage, especially his confidence level. At Kids Speak, he has learned to speak in public without fear. I was only able to public speak confidently at 40 years old. Job well done, Miss Rebecca!

Theresa Law

Kid:  Michael

She is more confident in speaking English with her friends.

Wong Cheng Keng

Kid:  Dionne Lai

English speaking ability and vocab have improved.

Ivy Chong

Kid:  Elly Yong

Slight improvement on her grammar & more confidence to communicate in English compared to last time. Good progression as she just joined KS this year.

Stephanie Poh

Kid:  Naomi Ting

Mikaela is still not confident to speak up but likes the games which make her think. Thank you.

Wendy Louise Chiang

Kid:  Mikaela Chiang


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